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The works councils act

Training The Works Councils Act

As a start, the basic principles of the Works Councils Act (Dutch: WOR) are outlined during this training. The rights of the Works Council are explained, being the following, amongst others: the Right to be Informed, the Right for Consent and the Right to be Consulted. During the training you will practice applying these rights through assignments and discussion. Do not be put off by difficult terminology or bureaucratic policy documents. It is much more about what the rights and duties of a Works Council are and how to apply these in practice to be of as much support to the organization you are working for.

The following topics will be covered during the training:
– gain knowledge of the basic/most important principles of the Works Councils Act
– gain insight on how to apply the law in practice
– what are the possibilities and restrictions of a Works Council (member)
– tools to shape and form your daily Works Council activities

The training is divided up in a healthy, interactive mix of gaining knowledge by both lecture and individual/group assignments. To further master your activities as Works Council member, we will end the training with some practical action points to develop yourself into the future.

Is this for you?
This training is for beginning Works Council members. Are you looking for a Dutch version? Click here.

Investment per participant
– online € 375,- (includes e-learning module and hand-out)
– on location € 450,- (includes accommodation arrangement, an e-learning module and hand-out)

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8 februari 2022 (middag) en
15 februari 2022 (middag)
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12 mei 2022 (ochtend) en
19 mei 2022 (ochtend)
Loof online leerplatform
22 september 2022 (ochtend) en
29 september 2022 (ochtend)
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24 november 2022 (middag) en
1 december 2022 (middag)
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